Ep. 71 Kate Erickson: Entrepreneur on Fire, Branding/Marketing, and Connecting All the Pieces

Ep. 71 Kate Erickson: Entrepreneur on Fire, Branding/Marketing, and Connecting All the Pieces


If you are an entrepreneur, you have probably heard of the Entrepreneur On Fire podcast hosted by John Lee Dumas. What you may not know is that John runs the business with his wife and today’s guest on the Overcoming Graduation podcast, Kate Erickson.

Kate’s journey has taken her in a variety of different directions and at times felt to her as though it was completely random. She graduated with an English degree, spent time working as a Commercial Loan Processor, left and earned her Masters Degree in English, returned to banking, took her first entrepreneurial leap with Kate’s copy, closed that business and spent time working at an Advertising and Marketing agency, then finally joined John Lee Dumas in running Entrepreneur on Fire where she is working today.

All these seemingly random experiences in her life now have had a chance to come together to help her provide IMMENSE value to EOFire. The Entrepreneur on Fire podcast is one of the most downloaded entrepreneurship podcasts in the world, has over 1,700 published episodes, millions and millions of global downloads, and has hosted incredible guests like Tony Robbins, Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk, Barbara Corcoran, and Tim Ferriss, just to name a few. 

In today’s interview Kate will discuss:

– How all the seemingly random steps in her life came together to help her be one of the most integral parts of the EOFire team

– What she learned leaving and reentering the corporate world and how that empowered her entrepreneurial journey

– How to weave your deep passions into everything you do no matter where your career takes you

– How to connect unpleasant experiences from your past to lessons in the present

– The importance of creating space and slowing down when it comes to realizing your passion / purpose

– The importance of knowing your customer and finding your niche when it comes to building a business and locking in clients

And so much more!



Entrepreneur On Fire Homepage: EoFire.com

Entrepreneur On Fire About (Learn more about Kate and JLD!): eofire.com/about



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