Ep 67. Sophie Kneebone: Australian Performer, Comedian, Actress, and Podcasting Pro

Ep 67. Sophie Kneebone: Australian Performer, Comedian, Actress, and Podcasting Pro


At 25 Sophie is a performer, comedian, actress, works at Omny Studios, and has recently decided to go back to school. How can she possibly do all of these things and find success in all of them?

Would you believe that it all began when she entered university in Australia to study law. She thought that was the logical progression. She got great marks and people with great marks went on to become lawyers or something similar, then they were “successful.” 

Very quickly she realized that law was not right for her. What did she switch into? Drama and Performing Arts study.

Those two couldn’t be much further apart but in performing Sophie found her passion. After two years at school she decided to step away from school to focus on her art full time.

She has performed all over Australia, done shows with friends, written and performed her own shows, and even written and performed two solo shows.

One of the biggest challenges she faced was getting past the crippling self doubt about not being on a conventional path.

Eventually she was drawn to Omny Studio, a company that is all about podcasting. This sparked her interest in technology which she learned on the fly while working. Finally she decided she wanted to go back to Uni and is now deep in the technology and business world and loving it!

In today’s interview Sophie will discuss:

– Should you be a specialist or a generalist? Sophie offers one of the most valuable pieces of advice I have heard yet on this show

– Why she started in a Law Degree at university (which she calls “uni”) and then switched to Drama and Performing Arts

– Why she stepped away from college, knowing that one day she wanted to go back (as well as the benefits she has now that she is back)

– Some of the most important lessons she learned from being a performer all over Australia

– Why she decides to do the things that scare her most as much as possible

– Her MOST important lesson to find success in any field whether it be performing arts or a large corporation

– Her top 3 pieces of advice to start a successful podcast

And so much more!


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